Sometimes you just want to pick up the phone and talk to a live human being who can help you with all of your questions. In the Internet age, some business can make you feel like this is simply too much to ask. Not so with Pick up the phone, and give them a call! They are one of the few discount Walt Disney World ticket sellers that offers such fantastic on-call personnel.

For some though, it may be frustrating just how involved wants to be in your plans. While many discount ticket sites will simply tell you their low price. You have to contact in order to get a quote. Also, there is an annoying floating icon that follows you all across the center of the website, asking you to call. Of course, you can exit it, but these kinds of displays can be deterrents for some customers.

Otherwise, the website is quite clean and easy to navigate. You will have to jump through many links in order to get to the exact package you’re interested in, but we don’t think this is a bad thing.

The hotline staff at is informative and helpful, and you know you’re dealing with authorized professionals when you deal with

They can even help customers book in Spanish, which will certainly help set them apart form the competition.

Whether you need Walt Disney World tickets, or anything else Disney-related, offers some great packages that are clear about what they include. The one drawback is that you have to actually contact the site in order to get a quote.

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